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Website Content

Your website is your shop window. Enticing people in, showing them what you sell, encouraging them to buy.

From a complete site design and build to a single sales page, I'll get you visible online, connect you to your ideal customer and persuade them to click.

I'm Emma Page - your local freelance copywriter with a tonne of experience helping businesses like yours.

Christchurch's Friendly Local Copywriter

Schmooze, canoodle, cajole, entice, encourage, persuade

Whatever you want from them, I'll help them want it too.

Turn casual visitors into dedicated fans in your emails, on your website and through your blog using a brand voice they love and recognise. Your brand's a bit chatty? You got it. However, if your services require a more formal tone of voice, it is easy to accommodate that too. (See what I did there.)

Your business. Your personality. My words.

See my popular services here, or ask for something more bespoke.

See what kind of person you are hiring. Dirt is dished here.

Take a look at some case studies. See how you might work with me.

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