Helpful Answers to Questions about Content, Copywriting and SEO

Frequently asked questions

What is a copywriter?

We are the people who add words to your project and the creativity to your campaign. Our job is to sell, persuade, inform, delight and otherwise connect with the buyer so they want what you have got. Copywriters work in advertising, marketing and on websites, social media, blogs, emails and tones of voice. We often have SEO expertise and a knack for putting it better on paper. Good copywriters get under the skin of your product or business, find its heart and share that with the world.

Can I write my own website?

Yes! Of course. Who knows your products and services better than you? But consider whether you know the best way to write a website.

Copywriters research and use keywords so that you have the best chance of appearing in customer's searches on Google. Good copywriters know how to write in clear friendly plain English. We can ensure a consistent tone of voice that suits your brand. We often have years or decades of experience in writing. So we have a better chance of persuading your customers to take the next step; whether that is to call you, buy something on your site, or make a booking.

How do I brief a copywriter?

Copywriters need to know different information depending on the type of writing you want them to do.

Here is what you need to know to brief a copywriter for a website. Write down
* what each page of your website is for * who buys your products and services * what the benefits of your product and service are * what problems your customers have that you fix for them * how you are different from your competitors * what keywords you want to rank for Some copywriters, like me, include a briefing meeting as part of the service. That way I can ensure you provide all the information I need to do a great job whatever kind of project you need.

How much does a copywriter cost?

If you go to a marketplace site where freelance copywriters compete for work, you can pay very little. But you often get what you pay for. These sites are rarely the way to go if you want good results. Professional copywriting freelance rates vary greatly depending on experience and demand. Some people want to know about a copywriter hourly rate. But this doesn't work for the client or the copywriter. I may take half the time of someone less experienced but you would get a better result. if you pay hourly, you could easily pay someone else more for a worse result. I charge a project rate. This way my client knows what the costs are upfront and they are paying for the product, rather than my time.

How to start a blog in 2020

You will need: 1. a great topic 2. a host (or platform) 3. some regular time to get creative If you are passionate about something, a hobby or your business perhaps, then a blog is a brilliant and effective way to reach other people. You do not need money to start a successful blog as there are plenty of free hosts out there. I recommend Wix - this is the platform I use for my site, my clients sites, and my blogs. Their free hosting works well for hobbies and they have excellent templates and SEO tools for small businesses. Step 1: Brainstorm your topic
Get a large sheet of paper and some coloured pens. You're going to have five minutes of fun. Chuck down as many connected topics or subtopics related to your blog as you can. Then bullet point individual points for each of your ideas. You now have a calendar of individual blog posts ready to write. Step 2: Design your blog Wix helps you find a design that suits your topic and blogging style. I recommend going with a fresh, bright theme as website users tend to find them more appealing. Step 3: Put all your ideas from the brainstorm into the blog as draft posts. You can access these from the Wix app so you can write bits, add ideas, images or links, and even post straight from your phone. Step 4: Create your first post. Make sure to give any images a sensible relevant name and add SEO to help people find it. Step 5: Publish and promote your blog. You did it! Now tell the world about it by sharing the link on all your social media. Encourage people to subscribe and build a community around this thing you love.