Content is the reason we search. What makes you click one link and not another? What makes you stay on a website and visit different pages?

Well-designed content has a purpose and helps people get what they are looking for. Any content on a website or social media post or page needs to deliver value or you will leave. 

Digital content marketing focuses on content that people and SEO both love. I started work as a copywriter in 2009 because I have a way with words and an understanding of tone of voice. In 11 years, I have added a wealth of marketing experience working with top agencies that powers every project I deliver.


The art and science of good content

Businesses need website content that customers love and search engines see. Getting it right for both requires quality writing with a tonne of experience and SEO nous.

I know how to write pages that rank on Google and keep people interested.

Agencies hire me to work with their design teams to impress their clients. Small businesses and start-ups use my digital consultancy to fix what's not working and create brand new sites.

See examples of sites I have written in my portfolio, like Bahri or Joe Blackman.


“Emma delivers fantastic work continuously. Pleasure to work with!”

Alex Rauser, CEO Protoype


Say hello to a loyal audience

When people opt in to your email, they are saying they want to hear more. That is powerful.

  • Sign up campaigns

  • Repeat customers

  • Email strategies

An email sent from me to you is personal. It is the most direct conversation we can have with a customer. 

GDPR means we must be invited to drop in and say hi on a customer's phone or computer. Treated right, that privilege builds a strong relationship between you and them. Loyalty and sales follow.

I've written email campaigns for companies from medical giants like Johnson & Johnson to tech start-ups like Nous.

Get in touch to talk about your project.


Your Public Face

Social media is essential for digital business success. That doesn't mean spending 24/7 online. A blog-centred social strategy can be a cost-effective way to achieve a number of goals.

* send people to your website * build thought leadership * raise your business profile * sell products


B2C audiences



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