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Case Study - Mighty Little Souls

Supreet Oberoi is a children's coach and a repeat Words by Page client.

Expo Presentation

After creating a presentation for Supreet for a Wellbeing Expo in January 2019, Supreet came back and asked me to establish a UK social media presence for her at the end of the year.

Facebook Business Manager

I helped Supreet set up a Facebook Business Account and successfully managed Mighty Little Souls Facebook and Instagram campaigns across the first half of 2020. I created original content posts in Canva based on notes from the client.


Mailchimp and Eventbrite

At the same time, I set up and manage a Mighty Little Souls Mailchimp email account with two kinds of output: regular newsletters and ad hoc promotions. I also created an Eventbrite organisers account profile and set up events. 

How We Worked Together

Supreet lives in west London.

I live in Bournemouth.

We have never met.

Supreet and I worked together via phone calls, email, voice memos and Zoom. This gave us the ability to coordinate complex and technical aspects of the project. I'm often able to jump on a Zoom or phone call because my work is flexible.

Mighty Little Souls Instagram

Video Calls

Video calling is an excellent way to save clients time. Supreet was able to quickly and clearly brief me about her courses and plans in a weekly 20-30 minute call that also included feedback from me.

Flexible Communication

Recording voice memos for content meant Supreet was able to fit her input for the social media and email management around her busy schedule. Zoom calls are automatically recorded so I can refer to them as needed. These methods along with clear emails laying out our schedule and next steps meant we were able to get the Mighty Little Souls social media accounts up and running within a few weeks of working together.


Content creation, account management, campaigns

Mighty Little Souls is a strong example of how I help small businesses, coaches and consultants create their own brand on social media.

Branding & Design

Basing the brand palette on the logo, I created a series of post designs using Canva. This created a pleasing Instagram grid with a strong brand look. I resized posts for Facebook, Mailchimp, EventBrite and LinkedIn, so Supreet's branding was consistent everywhere her customers looked.

Campaigns & Goals

As an unknown in London, our initial goals centred on brand building with location targeted ad spend. Once page likes had increased, we ran campaigns centred on Supreet's courses for children. Additional campaigns focused on email sign up to build Supreet's sales funnel.


I researched hash tags and refined audiences to make the most of Supreet's budget and time frame. 


In it with you

When our project ended, I handed over to Supreet taking care to show her how to use Canva, Mailchimp, and how to manage her social media accounts. 

Sample Email Newsletter

Mighty Little Souls newsletters were centred around snippets of support readers could use instantly so they had intrinsic value. They also included invitations to join Supreet's courses or watch her live videos on Facebook.


To encourage engagement, I found data to support Supreet's approach and centred the emails on parent's concerns.

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